Purge for Pinegrow

This no-frills plugin will allow you to quickly eliminate unused CSS styling rules from one or more project stylesheets. This is especially valuable when running big frameworks like Bootstrap or Tailwind CSS.

The download file contains an instalation and usage file. In brief, after installation and activation, a new menu choice will appear in the “Page” menu. This means a page MUST be open. Selecting the “Purge project CSS” item will bring up a modal to select HTML and CSS files. No existing files will be changed. Instead, all the filles will be scanned and a single file with all the rules that are being used will be written.

NOTE: If you find you need more features, like expanded file selection, CSS minification, autoprefixing, media query consolidation, and log files for error checking, please check out our new premium plugin, Purify for Pinegrow.

While we have done extensive testing, no guarantees that this plugin will function under all circumstances or for all frameworks is given. Only limited support for this plugin will be given.

Contact Info

Email: support@springhilldesign.net
Location: CT, USA


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