Plugins for Pinegrow

UIkit Plugin

This plugin adds the powerful UIkit framework to your Pinegrow Web Editor. More than 50 new elements, along with a host of responsive features and animations! Now with Components!



Purify for Pinegrow

Purify Plugin

This premium version of our Purge plugin has increased file handling to eliminate unused CSS rules. It also incorporates other post CSS processing, like minification, autoprefixing, and media query sorting, along with change logging. This plugin is a must have for reducing file sizes when using frameworks like Bootstrap and Tailwind CSS.


Acorn Email Plugin

This plugin adds the Acorn email framework to Pinegrow. Multiple templates and components for creation of responsive emails that work on all readers. Implementing complicated emails will go from a chore to a joy!

Purge for Pinegrow

Purge Plugin

This plugin allows you to scan project files and eliminate unused CSS rules. This makes for significant file size reduction when using frameworks like Bootstrap and Tailwind CSS.

QR Code for Pinegrow

 QR Code Plugin

This plugin will generate a scannable QR Code that can be used for quickly navigating with your mobile to the page being displayed by the Pinegrow server on your local network.  

SRCset for Pinegrow

SRCset Plugin

This plugin adds a <picture> tag, plus new properties to quickly add srcset images, densities, and media queries to the existing <img> tag. This is a stopgap plugin until these are implimented in Pinegrow.

Lottie for Pinegrow

Lottie Plugin

This plugin allows you to easily add interactive Lottie animations within Pinegrow. Note – this is not compatible with Pinegrow Interactions.

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